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Global Papa Prepaid Calling Cards - FAQ

The GlobalPapa calling card is an easy-to-use, feature-rich calling card: it combines outstanding reliability and competitive rates. This calling card provides tool free or local access from Canada and anywhere in the continental U.S. to many direct-dial countries worldwide.

Already have a wireless cell phone? Use prepaid calling card to make a call to avoid higher rates of your mobile phone provider.

EXISTING CUSTOMERS - manage Your Account on LDPOST web Store

If you have more questions - please visit our main FAQ page to find answers.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Repeat customers of Long Distance Post will receive their phone cards immediately after making a purchase. Verification is only required on the first purchase. As an existing customer you can also look your order up as soon as the order is made in History -> Details of the account.
If you are a first-time customer, please follow this link to our answers.

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I bought my calling card on-line, will you mail me the actual card?

No, Long Distance Post calling cards are distributed via e-mail. This enables us to deliver your calling card immediately after making a purchase from us. The e-mail will include all information on the calling card including PIN, access numbers and technical support contacts. The e-mail also includes a print out of the card. If you would like to carry the card with you just print the e-mail and cut out the calling card.

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I lost my PIN for my prepaid phone card. How can I retrieve it?

To retrieve lost PINs log into your LDPOST account. Click the 'Purchase History' link at the top and find the transaction you are seeking. Click the 'details' link for that purchase. Your PIN will be displayed in the newly opened window, or click the 'Send E-mail' link and all card information for that purchase will be e-mailed to you. You also have the option of printing the card template. Printing the card template is ideal for customers who wish to carry the physical card around with them.

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How can I update my name, email address, password, home address, etc. for my LDPOST account?

To update your account information log into your LDPost account. Click the 'My Account' link in the top left corner of the page. A new window will open with all account details. Make appropriate changes to your account and click the 'Modify' button when finished.

The next time you log into your LDPOST account you must use your updated information to log in.

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How do I find the best calling card for me?

Depending on your needs will determine what is the best calling card for you. Many calling card companies display incredibly low rates per minute to destinations as their poster rate, but after using the card once all minutes are expired.

Why does this happen? All whole sale rates are the same, meaning that every company is paying the exact same for rates to destinations. Calling cards that display incredibly low poster rates per minute generally have lots of fees associated with them. Typical fees include maintenance fees, termination fees, connection fees, monthly fees, service fees, etc. Generally speaking, 'clean' cards, cards with no fees like Global Papa phonecards, are a better deal and provide more talk time for your dollar.

Use the best rate finder to see which card has the lowest rates to your calling destination.

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What is the minimum and maximum order I can place?

There is a minimum purchase order of $10.00. For first time customers the maximum order you can place in the LDPOST web store is $50.00. After making your first purchase, your account purchase maximum will be increased to $100.00. If you would like to purchase more then $50.00 worth of calling cards on your first purchase, please call us at (800) 640–2599.

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If I buy a variety of different calling cards in different denominations, totaling $100.00, will I still receive the 10% discount?

Yes, the 10% discount is automatically given to all calling card purchases of $100.00, no matter what denomination or type of card is purchased.

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I have lost or forgotten my password, how can I retrieve it?

Retrieving a lost or forgotten password is easy. Just log in as a registered customer on GlobalPAPA homepage, enter your e-mail address in the log in box located in the upper-right side of the screen and click the forgot password link. Your password will be e-mailed to you immediately. This can be done from any page of

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I'd like to recharge my phonecard and would like to know how to do it online?

GlobalPapa phone card is non-rechargeable. You can recharge only rechargeable phone cards. If you prefer to memorize only one PIN and use it over and over again, purchase a calling card from a selection of the rechargeable phone cards we offer.

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What is the Loyal Customer Rewards Program?

The Loyal Customer Rewards Program rewards our loyal customers.

For every purchase* over $20.00 you make from Long Distance Post, you will earn Reward Points. One dollar is equal to one Reward Point. When you have accumulated 100 points you will be eligible for a free $5.00 calling card of your choice. This can be added to you next purchase from Long Distance Post.

To redeem your free calling card, make a purchase as you normally would. The redemption offer will appear on your Select Cards screen. You are not required to redeem your points once you have accumulated 100-points. Points will continue to accumulate with your purchases, allowing you to redeem for larger calling card denominations.

Read more about Loyal Customer Rewards Program.

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I received the LDPOST News Update but when I went to view it there was nothing there. How can I read the newest updates from LDPOST?

If you received the LDPOST News Update, but there was no content there, it means your mail browser does not open HTML based e-mails. Log into your LDPOST account and click the 'My Account' link at the top left corner of the screen. A new window will open. Scroll the to the bottom and where it says 'Message format:' click 'Plain Text' followed by the 'Modify' button.

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If you have more questions - please visit our main FAQ page to find answers.

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