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Global Papa Prepaid Phone Cards

Prepaid Calling Cards

Belmont Telecom Inc./Long Distance Post offers a variety of prepaid calling cards. All cards offer the lowest rate possible without switching your current phone carrier. Calling cards are for both domestic and international calls. Prepaid calling cards may also be purchased for use outside the United States.

With a prepaid phone card from LDPost you will receive free reliable consistent and accurate customer service. All rates on calling cards are consistent 24 hours a day, making calling at your convenience. Free with each card are local access numbers or an 800 number for making calls using the card. Every time the card is accessed via telephone an update of minutes used and time left on the card will be given. The phone card can be used from any touch-tone phone including cell phones, LAN lines, pay phones, VoIP and hotel room phones.

Features of Prepaid Phone Cards

  • Never talking over your minutes
  • Never being surprised by an outrageously expensive phone bill
  • Rates are valid 24 hours a day

Long Distance Post researches the telecom industry on an ongoing basis to find and represent the best long distance programs and prepaid calling card solutions that exist in the industry. We made special arrangements with several outstanding discount long distance telecommunications service providers. If a carrier's combination of rates and service is no longer exceptional, we cease to do business with them. As a long distance services provider, LDPOST is dedicated to providing a selection of the best residential and commercial long distance telephone services/programs, low-cost prepaid calling cards, Toll Free 800 numbers, Internet access plans, T1 voice and data services, post-paid phone cards,services for existing and new mobile phone users and other discount services. Whether it is by shopping our site or by having one of our experts do the shopping for you.

Long Distance Post also offers you a great business opportunity. You can become a Prepaid Calling Cards Affiliate and receive 6% commissions on sales made to your customers on our web site. We will offer a complete web page and instructions. All you will need to do is to let other people know about our rates and services. You will be able to track all of your customers with web-based reports automatically updated in real time. If you choose to buy calling cards in volume instead, you can receive much higher discounts on volume purchases.

Long Distance Post is able to provide such great rates and compete in the industry because of its low cost advertising strategy. While other well-known companies spend millions of dollars on advertising, LD Post relies on its ability to provide the lowest cost options for telecommunications to sell itself. Also, separating itself from the competition, LD Post offers the best quality customer support available. Customers will always speak to a live customer service representative without having to wait copious amounts of time.

Using Prepaid Calling Cards with Mobile Phones

Already have a wireless phone? Use prepaid calling card to make a call to avoid higher rates of your mobile phone provider

Prepaid GlobalPAPA phone cards have several advantages:

  • Quality Long Distance Services with the best rates to many destinations
    We work with some of the biggest and most reliable carriers, like Williams Communications and Global Crossing to provide a wide range of services - from residential Long Distance service for interstate and international calls to complete business solutions like "Office anywhere”.
  • Prepaid Dial-Around Long Distance for cellular and home phones
    You can be part of a breakthrough in the wireless industry. We are one of the companies that pioneered the prepaid long distance services and now increasing number of wireless and home users are making international and domestic long distance calls at very low rates using PrePaid Long Distance solutions like ”Peanuts LD”. Prepaid long distance is like rechargeable phone card with pinless dialing.
  • Simple and reliable Calling Cards
    We are proud of the great response we receive from our calling card customers. We know that the market is flooded with cards that offer large number of minutes, but never deliver, because of hidden charges. Our policy is to always recommend the so-called ”clean” cards like GlobalPAPA phone card that have no connection or maintenance fees and simple 1 minute rounding. Still, we offer the best rates to many countries and with our loyal customer reward program our customers stay with us for years.
  • Great rates on Prepaid Mobile
    Long Distance Post is proud to offer premium prepaid mobile phone services. We offer service on TDMA, CDMA and GSM networks. Prepaid mobile phones are perfect for people who, do not like the idea of being forced to sign a contract, have poor credit, transients, and don't use a cell phone often enough to sign a contract. Our prepaid phones offer the same great services that regularly monthly billed phones provide.
  • Strict budget control.
  • Cost effective for travelers in hotels.
  • Cost effective for students and scholars.

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Belmont Telecom Inc./Long Distance Post is a member of Better Business Bureau and meets all BBBOnLine Reliability participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards.

We are dedicated to providing a selection of low-cost prepaid calling phone cards with the best international long distance phone rates. We offer you phone cards with Local Access Numbers and Toll-Free 800 access numbers. LDPOST also offers prepaid dial-around calling services (Peanuts-LD) and other discount telecommunications services.
On this site, you will find a fully automated Web Store, where you can buy a phone card (Global PAPA, EuroMAMA calling cards, TeleTzar prepaid phonecards or any other from the selection we offer you) and receive an instant PIN - to make a call right away. Or, you can sign up for long distance service. Check our privacy policy for our Web Store and the latest news. Check international rates to African and South Asian countries: AfricaMAMA phone cards, AsiaMAMA calling cards and Frugal Asia phonecards.  GLOBALPAPA PHONE CARDS   buy phone cards online ORDER   RATES   FAQ   ABOUT