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No Connection chargeNo Connection charge
No Maintenance FeeNo Maintenance Fee
Toll-free accessLocal Access and Toll-free access
1 minute rounding1 minute rounding
Call worldwideCall worldwide from more than
  60 different countries
Works from CanadaWorks from Canada, Alaska, Hawaii

 International phone cards 

One of the best international phone cards online.

 Global Papa calling card 

Global Papa calling card uses a PIN - Personal Identification Number for identification

 Local Access number 

Dial an 800 number or a Local Access number, enter your PIN and the phone number your are calling to

 Speed dial 

Use Speed dial feature to store up to 10 international and U.S. phone numbers you call most often, and then retrieve those numbers with a 2-digit combination


10/12/2011 - NEW local access number is added in DNEPROPETROVSK, Ukraine:(56) 740-9373

12/07/2010 - New local access number when calling from Moscow to anywhere in the world is 495-225-1085.

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Prepaid phone card phone card GLOBAL PAPA Prepaid phone card GLOBAL PAPA
  • Rates with 800-number are only 1.5 cent higher than Local Access calling rates
  • Purchase online and receive your PIN instantly
  • Make phone calls from any telephone anywhere in the U.S.A. and Puerto Rico
  • Works from 48 continental states of USA
  • Works from Canada with same local access rates as USA nationwide local access rates
  • Call FROM MOSCOW, RUSSIA - only 4.5 c/min to call to USA

T H R E E    S I M P L E   S T E P S   to buy a phone phonecard:

  1. Find the rate to the country you are calling.
  2. Purchase your calling cards Online.
  3. Receive PINs over e-mail.
    Once your transaction is complete and order is verified, we email your PINs so you can start calling immediately.

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