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Global Papa Prepaid Calling Cards - FAQ

By purchasing Global Papa prepaid phone cards online, you can make phone calls at low rates, every time. You can also enjoy the convenience of shopping for phone cards from your computer at home or at work. No need to stand in line or find a calling card vendor. Simply point, click, and order calling cards online, complete with your own personal identification number (PIN). GlobalPAPA phonecard provides local access and toll-free access numbers from anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada to many direct-dial countries worldwide.

International long distance phone cards can also make the perfect gift.
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Prepaid Phone Cards - General Information

If you have more questions - please visit main FAQ page to find answers.

What are the advantages of using a prepaid calling card?

  • Savings
  • Convenience
  • Versatility

Prepaid calling cards offer much lower domestic and international long distance rates compared to regular residential long distance services. Even long distance services provided by major phone companies like AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc. If you look carefully at your current long distance bill, you'll notice that the fees and taxes may account for about 10% of your total long distance bill. Using a prepaid calling card could save you up to 70% of your long distance phone bill; especially if you are frequently making international calls.

  • Prepaid calling cards enable you to enjoy low rate long distance calling no matter where you are. You can call from your home, office, cell phone, hotel room or even a payphone.
  • A prepaid calling card is an ideal travel companion. It provides incredibly low international rates and variety of access numbers across the globe. Bring your card with you when you travel to places like Russia, Ukraine, Europe, etc and call back to the United States at ultra low rates.

  • You can use your Global Papa phone card to make international phone calls from hotels and airports. Avoid those outrageous hotel surcharges and hidden fees! Use a phone card, and take control of your long distance spending.

  • Prepaid calling cards provide low long distance rates. If your phone bill is out of control, prepaid calling cards can help you bring your phone expense within budget. Prepaid phone cards make excellent gifts for friends and family.

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How do I use my prepaid phone card?

Using your Global Papa prepaid calling card is fast and easy:

  1. Dial the access number that appears on the back of your card.
    For cards purchased at or at your access number should have been e-mailed to you immediately after making a purchase. For local access numbers around the country use the local access number finder.
  2. When prompted, enter your PIN.
  3. Listen to the balance announcement.
  4. Dial the number you would like to connect with:
    • for international calls 011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number
    • for domestic calls 1 + Area Code + Local Number

If you would like to make another call without hanging up, press the pound key twice (##) or the star (*) key and repeat the instructions

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What is a PIN?

A PIN is your Personal Identification Number. It is the unique number that is given to you when you purchase your card. It is our way of identifying your account and placing appropriate billing. If you purchased your Global Papa phone card online, your PIN will be e-mailed to you with the access numbers. If you purchased your card in the store, scratch off the silver strip on the back and you will see your PIN.

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How do I find the best card for me?

Depending on your needs will determine what is the best calling card for you. Many calling card companies display incredibly low rates per minute to destinations as their poster rate, but after using the card once all minutes are expired.

Why does this happen? All whole sale rates are the same, meaning that every company is paying the exact same for rates to destinations. Cards that display incredibly low poster rates per minute generally have lots of fees associated with them. Typical fees include maintenance fees, termination fees, connection fees, monthly fees, service fees, etc. Generally speaking, "clean" cards, cards with no fees like Global Papa, are a better deal and provide more talk time for your dollar.

Use the best rate finder to see which card has the lowest rates to your calling destination.

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How do I make calls from outside the United States?

The Global Papa phone card provides a variety of international access numbers. Use the access number finder to find an access number in the country you are traveling to. In many cases, the Global Papa phone card provides both local and toll free access numbers in a variety of countries. Using a local access number as opposed to the toll free number will provide a lower rater per minute for your calls.

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What kind of extra and hidden charges are on calling cards and does the Global Papa international phone card have any of these charges?

The Global Papa international calling card has no hidden charges or fees what so ever. It is a completely "clean" card. Meaning it has no fees associated with it. The only charges you will incur are the standard rate per minute to your calling destination and taxes.

Many calling cards on the market today provide incredibly low rates, but have tons of fees associated with them. Resulting in few phone calls being made before the balance is depleted. When selecting a calling card it is important to pay attention to::

  • Time increment
    Time increments can range from less then a minute to 5 minutes. The lower the time increment the better. A phone card that has a 5 minute time increment means that minutes are calculated in groups of five minutes. If you make a seven-minute phone call, it is counted as a 10-minute phone call
  • Connection Fee
    A connection fee is charged every time you make a call and receive an answer on the other end. Even if you call and receive a voicemail, you are still charged the connection fee. A connection fee can quickly deplete your card. Connection fees can range anywhere up to a dollar per connect, which would make a five dollar calling card complete a maximum of 4 calls.
  • Initial Connection/Weekly/Monthly Service/Maintenance Fees
    Some cards have an initial set up fee while others charge a weekly or monthly fee. Maintenance fees are typically charged after the first time the card is used and are deducted in minutes or dollar from the card value. Even if you are not using your calling card you may be using minutes or depleting your balance.
  • Pay Phone Charges
    All phone card calls originating from a payphone are charged a fee per call. This is required by federal law and the fee typically ranges from 55¢ to over a dollar per call. This amount is deducted from the card value.
  • Taxes
    There are FCC/state/local taxes based on where the call originates. (This is the same tax that appears on your phone bill each month and is calculated on a per call basis.)

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I am unsure of the country and city code for the phone number I am calling. How can I look this up?

Long Distance Post with GlobalPAPA provide our web site visitors with the ability to look up country and city codes. Please visit our search country/city telephone codes page to look up city and country code information for your calling destination.

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I bought my card online, will you mail me the actual phone card?

No, Long Distance Post calling cards are distributed via e-mail. This enables us to deliver your calling card immediately after making a purchase from us. The e-mail will include all information on the GlobalPapa calling card including PIN, access numbers and technical support contacts. The e-mail also includes a print out of the card. If you would like to carry the card with you, just print the e-mail and cut out the card.

If you would like to receive an actual card in the mail, please call us and we can accommodate you. Calling cards sent via mail are charged additional shipping and handling fees.

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How long does it take to receive my order?

It is Long Distance Post policy to verify orders from all first time customers. This is our way of protecting against fraud. A customer service representative will call you within 24 business hours of making your purchase. After confirming your order cards will be sent immediately via e–mail. If you would like to expedite this process, please call us after placing your order to confirm (800) 640–2599.

Repeat customers of Long Distance Post will receive their Global Papa phone cards immediately after making a purchase. Verification is only required on the first purchase.

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Why do you verify all first time orders?

As a way of protecting our customers against fraud it is Long Distance Post policy to verify all first time orders. Sometimes orders are purchased on a stolen credit card and when we call customers to verify their info, they were unaware their card had even been stolen.

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Is my credit card number safe?

We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Private Communication Technology security standards. SSL encodes your personal information, (such as your password, address, phone number, and credit card number) making it available only to you and the financial service providers used to process your credit card. Using extensive security measures makes doing business over the Internet as secure as making a purchase by telephone or in store.

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How often do the rates change?

Prepaid calling cards are non-refundable and their rates are subject to change in either direction without notice. We have no control over rates, and when the underlying carrier changes rates, we have to adjust the rates too. Like gasoline prices, we must change the rates to stay competitive and in business. We do not inform customers about rate changes - please check GlobalPapa phone cards rates before making a purchase.

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Is there volume discounts in the web store?

There is a 10% discount given automatically on all orders of $100.00. If you place an order for $100.00 regardless of the card types and denominations, your credit card will only be charged $90.00.

First time buyers will not receive this discount in the web store. The maximum order for first time buyers is $50.00. If you are a first time buyer and want to place an order larger then $50.00, please call us at (800) 640–2599 and we will take your order over the phone.

We also offer competitive volume discounts on bulk card orders. If you would like to make a bulk order please call us.

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What is the Loyal Customer Reward Program?

The Loyal Customer Rewards Program rewards our loyal customers.

For every purchase* over $20.00 you make from Long Distance Post, you will earn Reward Points. One dollar is equal to one Reward Point. When you have accumulated 100 points you will be eligible for a free $5 card of your choice with your next purchase.

To redeem your free calling card, make a purchase as you normally would. The redemption offer will appear on your Select Cards screen. You are not required to redeem your points once you have accumulated 100-points. Points will continue to accumulate with your purchases, allowing you to redeem for larger card denominations.

For example, you have accumulated 500 points by purchasing Global Papa prepaid calling cards online. On your Select Cards screen you will see a menu with choices of cards for redemption. For 500 points you will receive $25 worth of free cards. You must make a purchase to redeem your rewards.

To view points accumulated, please log into the LDPOST web store. Total point accumulation will be displayed at the bottom of Select Cards screen. You can also view accumulated points by clicking the Purchase History link at the top of the screen and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

*Exceptions: Points cannot be accumulated on volume purchases. Instead we offer competitive discounts for volume purchases. To receive a quote on a volume purchases please call us at (800) 640–2599.

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If you have more questions - please visit our main FAQ page to find answers.

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